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Advice for Parents - Qualified College Admissions Experts are just a Phone Call Away

Applying to colleges can seem like a daunting task for your high school senior. First there's the overwhelming decision of which colleges and universities to consider. But the difficulty doesn't end when they've decided where to apply. Next comes the high school resume writing, the letters of recommendation, crafting the perfect essay which will set them apart from the masses of other students, and nailing that college interview. Then there is the matter of financing college and seeking financial aid. Admission to the right college will set the stage for your son or daughter for the rest of their professional lives. Luckily, you aren't alone; qualified experts are a phone call away to help you make those important decisions, whenever they arise. 

College Admissions Advice from Independent Counselors—Pay for Qualified Advice Over the Phone

Brainsy's Expert Calling Network includes professionals ranging from award-winning writers to College Board executives. They are experts who have personally conducted student admission interviews for Ivy League schools and authors who have published books on the topic of college admissions. These professionals know what admissions officers are looking for and they know how to give your student every advantage. 

Experts can assist you and your student with:

  • College searches 
  • College tour planning 
  • Applying to college
  • Choosing a college
  • Student athlete advisory services 
  • Scholarships and financial aid 


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College Admissions Advice: How To Win a College Scholarship

The cost of attending college continues to skyrocket, and the number of students graduating with crippling debt has become a national crisis. One of the ways to combat that financial burden is receiving scholarship money to help offset the tuition cost. But how exactly can students win a college scholarship?

Here are a few key points to remember as you begin applying for scholarships to help fund your college education.

  • Be ready to do some work. You can significantly reduce your competition by going after scholarships that require a longer essay or ask you to provide personal and verifiable letters of reference. Those that are a simple form to complete and submit will have the greatest number of applicants, so stand out by being one of fewer students willing to do the work.
  • Read and follow directions. Every scholarship is different and has different rules - some even have a very narrow list of requirements. It would be a shame to be disqualified for a scholarship simply because you failed to follow the instructions. Pay attention to the details and take time to prepare your best work. 
  • Hedge your bets by applying broadly. You have no way to know how many applicants there are competing for a particular scholarship. By applying to several (or many!) different scholarships, you'll stand a better chance of winning some.
  • Don't go it alone. Choose a few people you trust to read your essays and look over your applications. Ask them to give you

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NYTimes: Advice College Admissions Officers Give Their Own Kids

Interesting article published by the NYTimes: Advice College Admissions Officers Give Their Own Kids

They interviewed admissions officers at Allegheny College, Georgia Tech, Kenyon College, M.I.T., Penn State, Vanderbilt, U.C.L.A., U.N.C.-Chapel Hill and the University of Richmond.

Key finding? Every one of them emphasized the importance of their child finding a college that fits, not the other way around...


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Connect Directly with College Counselors through Phone Calls with College Counselor Network ECN

Navigating the perplexity that is college admissions is quite difficult. The decision of which colleges to apply to, plus the morass that is financial aid and available scholarships, is quite daunting. While this is an exciting time, the possibility of making the wrong decisions or missing a vital step in the process creates stress that can be completely overwhelming to students and their families.

Enter Brainsy, and the College Counselor Network ECN. This service provides college-admissions advice from independent counselors--and you pay for qualified advice over the phone!

What are the benefits of using our ECN? We employ experts in all aspects of college admission to help you make those difficult decisions. There are experts on financial aid, scholarships, college tours, making the most of the high school years, improving the health of college students, and even one to help decide which college is the best choice for those that are high school athletes. When using this service, a specific time can be set and the counselor with the most appropriate expertise selected. There are also options for the length of the call. If a lot of help is needed, there is the option of an hour long phone call; if less help is required, there is the option of a 30-minute phone call. The advice is always tailored to the specific situation instead of being broad generalizations that may or may not apply.

The experts at the College Counselor Network ECN are a valuable asset to anyone ...more

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Four Years to a Degree is Possible, But It Takes a Plan

When The New York Times reported last week that only 19% of public college and university students receive their undergraduate degree within four years, it was not a surprise to me.  The federal government “stat” for time to a degree is actually six years and has been for more than a decade.  This figure is in recognition that most students don’t graduate in four years, a reality for nearly a generation of students.  It is worth noting that private colleges were not included in the Complete College America study, and one of their selling points is personalized attention that leads to a quicker run to graduation.

Some of the reasons for this elongated time to degree are:

  • There is a push for everyone to go to college and some students simply aren’t academically ready, leading them to spend much of their initial class time in remediation, rather than advancing on a path to a degree.
  • There are three ways to pay for college – before, during and after.  Since most families don’t save for college, and worry about debt, they scrape together funds in real-time and find themselves in a financial bind, leading dependent students or young independent adults to drop out in high numbers.
  • Many students choose a college that isn’t right for them.  When they transfer, they lose credits, stretching out their time to a degree.  My own son transferred from one Virginia public university to another, and he had to go in and lobby (with syllabi from classes

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