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Is a high school degree necessary when applying for college?

My daughter is considering an overseas study abroad program for her senior year but her high school does not recognize the credit granted by the organizing program. She has good grades and has taken AP classes and will take the SAT and ACT. It's a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful experience but she won't have a high school diploma at the end of the process. Therefore, we think she can take the GED. Will college admissions offices care much about her not having a high school diploma if she has the GED and other good credentials?  
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Kathie Boozer
Kathie Boozer  replied:
I am not entirely sure of this.  I have never been to a college where they said a HS degree was optional.  That being said, a Community College would be far more likely to consider a non-degreed student than a 4 year college.  But again, I am not sure of this answer.