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When is the best time to start applying for scholarships?

When is the best time to start applying for scholarships?

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Monica Matthews
Monica Matthews  replied:

It really depends on the age and level in school of you or your student, but there is never a wrong time to begin the scholarship process and apply for scholarships. Most people assume scholarships are for high school seniors only, but there are plenty of scholarships available for all levels of students, from elementary to grad school.  My best advice is to start where you are right now.  Younger students can benefit from what I call "Scholarship Prep", which is volunteering with their families, getting good grades in school, and having a special place in their home for all honors and award certificates.

There is no "scholarship season" and many make the mistake of waiting until the spring of their senior year in high school to begin applying for scholarships.  Start now, right where you are.  Find out the scholarship applying process I developed in my ebook, How to Win College Scholarships by requesting a call with me.  You get a free copy of my scholarship guide with each paid call.  You can also visit my website at how2winscholarships.com for additional scholarship help.

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