Candice Frankel

Owner, Frankel College Counseling/Creator, The EDWIN College Process Organizer

Maximize the high school experience, Optimize college options. Over twenty-plus years of expert college counseling. Proven track record helping students gain access to the most competitive colleges in the country.

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Comprehensive College Counseling The EDWIN College Process Organizer


Bio for Candice Frankel, Owner of Frankel College Counseling and Creator of The EDWIN:

College admissions expert Candice Frankel has a proven track record helping students gain access to the most competitive colleges and universities in the country. After having worked as a college counselor at several leading public and private high schools, including the prestigious Crossroads School in Santa Monica, she founded Frankel College Counseling. Starting as early as the ninth grade, Candice’s unique approach empowers students to take control of their education and position themselves for success in the increasingly competitive world of college admissions and beyond.

Over her two decades in the industry, Candice watched the admission process spin out of control and found the solution to achieve students’ college admission goals while reducing stress for the entire family. As a leader in the field, she honed her expertise to create The EDWIN, a must-have college counseling tool for every high school student. This game-changing organizer shares Candice’s insider advice and most critical resources to help students stay one step ahead throughout high school to optimize their college options. The EDWIN is essentially “a college counselor in a folder”.

Candice attended Columbia University, where she received a Master’s in Education and Counseling Psychology.

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