Navigating the perplexity that is college admissions is quite difficult. The decision of which colleges to apply to, plus the morass that is financial aid and available scholarships, is quite daunting. While this is an exciting time, the possibility of making the wrong decisions or missing a vital step in the process creates stress that can be completely overwhelming to students and their families.

Enter Brainsy, and the College Counselor Network ECN. This service provides college-admissions advice from independent counselors--and you pay for qualified advice over the phone!

What are the benefits of using our ECN? We employ experts in all aspects of college admission to help you make those difficult decisions. There are experts on financial aid, scholarships, college tours, making the most of the high school years, improving the health of college students, and even one to help decide which college is the best choice for those that are high school athletes. When using this service, a specific time can be set and the counselor with the most appropriate expertise selected. There are also options for the length of the call. If a lot of help is needed, there is the option of an hour long phone call; if less help is required, there is the option of a 30-minute phone call. The advice is always tailored to the specific situation instead of being broad generalizations that may or may not apply.

The experts at the College Counselor Network ECN are a valuable asset to anyone at any step on the way to college admissions.

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