College Admissions Advice from Independent Counselors - pay for qualified advice over the phone

The search for the best college for you doesn't end when you have narrowed down your list of choices.  You still need to apply to and be accepted by a school, and that process can be somewhat daunting.

Fortunately, this is not something you have to stumble through on your own.  You can use an Expert Calling Network ("ECN" for short) to assist you.  An ECN is a system that allows you to pay for a personal phone call with an expert in a given field.  

In the case of students trying to get into colleges, the College Counselor Network is a good resource to utilize.  This network will help you get college admissions advice from independent counselors by paying for qualified advice over the phone

Whether you need advice about what to include in your application or constructive feedback on admissions essays, the College Counselor Network will provide you with a qualified counselor who can assist you in honing your materials and putting your best foot forward.

If you have ever been in a situation where you expended significant time and effort to accomplish something and, after the fact, wished that you had known at the beginning what you learned during the process, then you can see the value in using a consulting network. 

There's no need for you to reinvent the wheel; instead, you can take advantage of the knowledge of someone who has already learned the tips and tricks of getting the college of your dreams to say "yes."

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