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You may think that preparing your college application is something that can easily be done yourself, with a little research. A few searches of "Top 10 things considered in a college application" can give you an idea of what Admissions Counselors are looking for in prospective students. However, Google and free seminars are not your best guides to being accepted to your dream school.

Imagine this: If your car's transmission blew, would you ask your neighbor down the street to replace it since he's had his transmission replaced before? Unless your neighbor is an auto mechanic, the answer is probably no. You would go to the experts--those who have replaced a blown transmission on your make and model of car multiple times. Why treat your college application any different?

Experts lead some seminars, but what will you really get out of a one hour session shared with possibly a hundred or more other individuals? You might get a general sense of what and how to prepare, but you won't receive any information on how to prepare your specific application for the colleges you are applying to.

The College Counselor Network ECN does everything your Google searches, free seminars, and recent grad cousin cannot--their specialists can offer expert advice that is a perfect match to your specific situation and your goals for the future. You receive one on one time with a specialist who is not only invested in your educational aspirations but also has experience and expertise to help you achieve them.

The College Counselor Network ECN offers College Admissions advice from independent counselors.  We have multiple experts with varied college admissions experiences that are ready to give you qualified advice over the phone. Simply visit their website College Admissions Advice from Independent Counselors - pay for qualified advice over the phone, select the counselor that meets your educational needs, and pay to request a call or ask a question. Stop wasting your time on the internet and at seminars listening to the same answers--talk to a specialist at The College Counselor Network ECN and get your future on track.

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